Joy's Carved Art   

​Wildlife Inspired Wood Sculptures and                      Woodturnings               


Joyce is a resident of Warminster, Pennsylvania

With a Cabinet Maker for a father and an artistic mother, art, music, wood and power tools have always been a part of her life.  Growing up in New Jersey, Joyce has painted, quilted, played various musical instruments, created wedding gowns, made stained glass lamps, sun catchers, and many other crafts but was not fulfilled until she started wood carving.  In 1992 her husband, John had taken her to her first wood carving show in Abington, Pennsylvania.  This is where she found her passion for sculpting in wood.  Many artistic skills are needed with wildlife wood art to bring out the essence of a bird or animal.  Joyce has received many award including Best of Shows, and People's Choice honors.  Since 2005, she has been taking her carving skills and applying them to wood turnings, sculpting, texturing and burning on vessels and bowls.  While enjoying the challenge of realism the newest venture is to put her wildlife animals into the turnings while still capturing their natural behaviors.

Joyce is a member of the Delaware Valley Woodcarvers, National Wood Carvers Assoc., PA Guild of Craftsmen, Bucks Co. Guild of Craftsmen, Bucks Woodturners and the AAW.A Guild of Craftsmen, Bucks Co. Guild of Craftsmen, Bucks Woodturners, and the AAW.